Lotus seed is a common nourishing products, has a good tonic. It can be commonly cooked as porridge or dessert mixed with tremella, sugar, rice and other grains, like the tremella lotus nuts sweet soup, or lotus seeds rice pudding. Chinese medicine regards lotus seeds as a regular natural food for health maintenance, for it can remove fever, provide natural nutrition elements like protein, vitamins, amino acids and others. In one word, it can help strengthen immunity system to keep health.

Health benefits of Lotus seed

  • Anti-aging

The enzymes, which exist in Lotus seeds are supposed to inhibit aging. L-isoaspartyl methyltransferase is the enzyme that assists the repairing and maintaining of the damaged proteins within the body. Lotus seed in powdered form is now being added to various cosmetics to gain an advantage over the process of aging.

  • Calming effect

Lotus seeds are supposed to have calming effects and are antispasmodic, which means, your nerves relax better and you get better sleep. It also helps the dilatation process of the blood vessels and helps you feel rejuvenated. This is thanks to the presence of isoquinoline alkaloids in Lotus seeds.

  • Pathogenic heat

Research has proved that Lotus seed helps in the cooling process of the heart and thereby reduces the pathogenic heat generated.

  • Gum Tissue

People suffering with gum tissue related problems are recommended to consume Lotus seeds, because of the healing properties existing within Lotus seeds.

  • Healthy Protein

Lotus seeds are supposed to be a great source of protein to the body. Doctors recommend this for intake to combat situations of protein deficiency within the body.

  • Low Glycemic Index

Lotus seed is low on GI, which means it will slowly release the energy levels in your body, keeping you feeling energetic throughout the day. This will keep you far away from stress and even keep your mind healthy.


Lotus Seed Gourmet Show

Lotus Seed Gourmet Show

Lotus Seed Gourmet Show

Lotus Seed Gourmet Show

Lotus Seed Gourmet Show

Lotus Seed Gourmet Show