Best Lotus Seed Root 尚品莲皇湘莲子藕片

Lotus seed

Other Names: lotus nuts, Nelumbo nucifera

Chinese name is called Lianzi, 莲子, 蓮子

Lotus seeds are obtained from the lotus flowers

The lotus flowers come from lotus roots

Lotus root is a perennial aquatic plant

Chinese lotus root cultivation spread from ancient India

How long has history

No research

Chinese medicine believes that all parts of lotus can be used for medicinally

In particular, the node of lotus root has the strongest medicinal properties.

"Xianglian" produced in Xiangtan County, Hunan Province

"Jianlian" produced in Jianning County of Fujian Province

"Xuanlian" produced in Xuanping region in Wuyi County, Zhejiang Province

Historically known as the three most famous lotus seeds in China

Among them, the most characteristic of Xianglian

Has always been a tribute to the court treasures

Therefore,it is also called "Gonglian",means the lotus seed for the tribute

has being hailed as "The First Lotus of China"

Now the "xianglian" what people are referring to

It is not just referring to the lotus seeds produced in Xiangtan

Lotus seeds in the whole Hunan Province are all called "Xianglian"

"Three-inch white lotus seeds" produced by Xiangtan County, Hunan Province

Is the lotus seed of tribute dedicated to the emperor in ancient times.

This "three-inch white lotus seed" is bigger than the lotus seeds from other places

The three lotus seeds are connected one inch long

So it is called "inch three lotus"

White lotus seed

Large and full grain, white and round

Fine texture, fresh and sweet

Add Ice sugar after cooking

That's the "Ice sugar and White Lotus"

Year 1979

Xiangtan County is designated as National Xianglian (hu’nan lotus seed) Export Base

Year 1982

The State National Commodity Inspection Bureau designated Xiangtan Xianglian as

Low-fat, high-protein quality varieties

year 1987

The first food expo in China

Xiangtan "inch three lotus" won the first prize

Known as "The First Lotus of China"

year 1995

At the first " China special products hometown" naming convention

Xiangtan County was named "Hometown of Chinese Xianglian".

May 2010

AQSIQ issued an announcement

Approved the Protection of Geographical Indications on products of xianglian

Xiangtan County:

The largest Xianglian planting base in the country

The planted area has exceeded 100,000 mu

Up to 130,000 acres at most

Xiangtan is the only large-scale lotus seed distribution and processing center in China

There are more than 7,000 people engaged in lotus seeds processing all the year round

Annual processing of more than 60,000 tons of lotus seeds

More than 60% of the total lotus seeds processing in China

The output value exceeds 600 million yuan

Huashi Town, Xiangtan County, Hunan Province

Located in the southwest of Xiangtan County

According to legend, there was a fisherman in the past

Fishing near the Port of Huashi

Because the water was very clear

Found a huge rock in the depths

The pattern is visible

"Huashi (means colour stone)" gets its name from this

Huashi is a historic city and a thousand-year-old town

During the Western Han Dynasty, the geographical position was prominent

The history and culture was heavy and it was located in the county seat of Xiangnan County

As a merchants gathered

And markets was prosperous and enjoys the reputation of "Little Nanjing"

Huashi is not only the material handling hub at the junction of three counties and cities including Xiangtan, Hengshan, Xiangxiang

The location advantage is obvious.

But also it is the largest market fair distribution center in the south of Xiangtan County.

The town has a total area of 133.40 square kilometers

The lowest elevation of 50.40 meters

The highest altitude of 425.70 meters

Huashi Reservoir is about 4 kilometers away from Huashi Town, Xiangtan County

Is the largest medium-sized water conservancy project in Xiangtan City

Reservoir location is hilly area

It is the mountain extension of Tianma Mountain and Zijing Mountain in the 72 peak of Nanyue Mountain.

Accompanied by the "Eighteen Arhats Mountain" which is famous in the world of Huashi town.

Historic site of the Hancheng Bridge is next to the Lohan Hill

The area of the reservoir is beautiful and pleasant

It is a feng shui place for recreation, tourism and vacation, health care and retirement

1.5 kilometers east of the township at the "Hancheng Bridge" under the Lohan Hills

Built during the Eastern Han Dynasty

Still intact

Listed as Xiangtan County-level protected cultural relics

Year 1996

Recognized by Hunan Province as "the Top 100 Towns in Hunan Province" and "the Key Town in Hunan Province"

Year 1997

It was confirmed as "well off Town, Xiangtan City"

Year 1999

It was confirmed as " Demonstration Town of Economic Development in Hunan Province"

year 2004

Recognized as a "National Key Town" by the six ministries and commissions of the State Council

The existing township residents 20,500 people

More than 20 town-owned enterprises

1345 individual businesses

Xianglian Industry, Machinery Industry and Household Appliance Industry are more prominent

"Xianglian Jia Tianxia, Tan Lian Guan Hu Xiang"

Xianglian Industry is the traditional industry and pillar industry of Huashi Town

Has a very mature Xianglian initial processing technology

The town always planted 12,000 mu of Xianglian area

Building "Million Mu Xianglian Base"

Has now become the country's largest production base in Xianglian

The Emperor of the Lotus in the area of 400 acres is the "China Inch Three Lotus Original Plantation Farm"

Best Lotus Seed Root 尚品莲皇湘莲子藕片

Huashi Town Xianglian Market was founded in 1996

Covers more than 140 mu

The fifth phase of the project is still under construction

Next to Lotus Seed Market

It is the planting base of 10,000 mu Xianglian

Best Lotus Seed Root 尚品莲皇湘莲子藕片

Relying on Xianglian Industry

Mining cultural tourism, eco-leisure tourism resources

Combining Xianglian Base with local attractions

The annual Xianglian Local Characteristic Product Exhibition

Lotus Festival

Marathon cross country etc.

"Taking lotus appreciation as the core

Provide visitors with a collection including Danxia landforms

and ancient town scenery and pastoral scenery as one of the tourism feast"

Best Lotus Seed Root 尚品莲皇湘莲子藕片