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 Q:  Why did Lotus seed remove the lotus seed core?

 A:  Because the lotus seed core is unbelievably bitter, neither the young nor the child likes to eat

 Q:  Why do the lotus seeds have lotus seed cores when you buy it?

 A:  Because lotus seeds having a bitter lotus seed core can be used as a good food for lowering blood pressure, there is a medicinal value, and it is worth remembering that only lotus seeds having a lotus seed core have medicinal value.

 Q:  Why should the red lotus seed grind the skin?

 A:  Because there is a layer of red skin outside the red lotus seeds, the boiled soup is of red color and it is not look good on the table.

However, it is generally said that red lotus seeds have higher nutritional value than grinding lotus seeds.

 Q:   What is the red lotus seed?  What is the white lotus seed?  What is the grinding white lotus seed?  What is the handmade white lotus seed?  

 A:   The white lotus seeds and red lotus seeds that we usually called are not two kinds of lotus seeds in actual sense, but they are used to meet the needs of different users and have different appearance effects through different processing methods.

Picking a fully mature, hard black iron lotus seeds, also known as shell lotus seeds, the original product obtained after removing the shell, we call it "red lotus seeds", because its appearance is purple red.

The original product, red lotus seed, has a green sprout , called the lotus seed core, so this red lotus seed is called “core red lotus seed”.

Lotus seed core are very bitter, many people are not used to it, young people and children do not like to eat, of course, some adults do not yet like to eat, so, "core red lotus seeds" will be processed once again, remove the lotus core inside, on the Has become the "coreless red lotus".

The red epidermis of all red lotus seeds is purple red, when used on the table, the soup turns red, and many people do not like it. Therefore, red lotus seeds are processed once again to grind  the appearance of the layer of purple red skin and reveal the milky white lotus meat. This becomes the white lotus seed. Because this white lotus seed is obtained through the skin grinding of red lotus seeds, because it is called "Grinding White Lotus seed".

Compared to the white lotus seeds obtained through the grinding skin, another way to obtain the white lotus seed is to pick the green lotus seeds that are not yet fully mature, remove the skin by hand, then pell the inner skin off, remove lotus seeds core, and dry. this kind of lotus seed what we call "handmade white lotus seed".

Do you understand? 

Questions and answers-Best Lotus Seed Root 尚品莲皇湘莲子藕片

Questions and answers-Best Lotus Seed Root 尚品莲皇湘莲子藕片