Fresh and delicious lotus seedpods are on the market, and those frends who like to eat can pay attention now

2018-07-02 15:52:32 kennyhuang 113

lotus seed, lotus nut, lotus seedpod

Lotus seedpod and fresh lotus seeds is a kind of food that we all like to eat, smell with sweet in the fragrance, especially the lotus seeds are of great benefit to our health, no need to talk more about it here.

Generally lotus seedpod and fresh lotus seeds begin market on  in July and August in southern China. In July of each year, Huashi Town in Xiangtan County will host a tourism and cultural festival with the theme of food and lotus, then that's a really "people mountain people sea" in that time, much of friends from all parts of the country, even foreign friends, will all gather in this traditional, beautiful small town of lotus products that is renowned both at home and abroad, enjoying the 10,000-mu lotus field, tasting lotus food, visiting the eighteen Arhat Mountains, the ancient Hancheng Bridge, Huashi Reservoir and other graceful Scenery, this is our town's most lively festival. If you have the opportunity, be sure to come and experience it yourself and you will be never disappointed.

lotus seed, lotus nut

It will take about more than a month of time for a large number of lotus seedpods reaching the market, but some of the precocious varieties are already on the market now. If you want to try the fresh in advance, we can do as your wish,  just pick up your phone and call:

180 7326 8189

180 7326 8199

Both price and quality will be as you wish.

lotus seed, lotus nut, lotus root

lotus seed, lotus seedpodlotus seed, lotus seedpod

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