Hometown's Dragon Boat Festival

2018-06-20 09:01:38 kennyhuang 94

In two days, it will be the Duanwu Festival, a traditional Chinese festival.

The Duanwu Festival is also called Dragon Boat Festival. According to Chinese legends, this festival is to commemorate the poet Qu Yuan.


In September 2009, UNESCO formally reviewed and approved the Chinese Dragon Boat Festival to be included in the world's intangible cultural heritage and become China. The first ever holiday in the world. In the southern region, dragon boat races are usually performed on this day.


Although there are still two days away from the Dragon Boat Festival, the Dragon Boat Pre-Trial Competition in Huashi Town, Xiangtan County, Hunan Province, has started. It is conceivable that, two days later, the atmosphere of the dragon boat race here must be even more exciting.

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