Fresh and delicious lotus seeds are on the market, do action if you like them.

2018-07-05 14:18:11 kennyhuang 301

Lotus seeds are a kind of food that we all like to eat. smell with sweet in the fragrance,  especially the lotus seeds have great benefits for our health, especially fresh lotus seeds. The nutrients contained in the lotus seeds are not found in ordinary dried lotus seeds, and are therefore more popular among people.


Lotus seed, aromatic sputum and other ingredients contained in lotus seeds have a calming effect; after consumption, it can promote the secretion of insulin from the pancreas, thereby increasing the supply of serotonin, so that people can fall asleep. Taking sugar water to boil lotus seeds every night before going to bed will have a good sleep aid effect.

In July of each year, Huashi Town in Xiangtan County will host a tourism and cultural festival with the theme of food and lotus, then that's a really "people mountain people sea" in that time, much of friends from all parts of the country, even foreign friends, will all gather in this traditional, beautiful small town of lotus products that is renowned both at home and abroad, enjoying the 10,000-mu lotus field, tasting lotus food, visiting the eighteen Arhat Mountains, the ancient Hancheng Bridge, Huashi Reservoir and other graceful Scenery, this is our town's most lively festival. If you have the opportunity, be sure to come and experience it yourself and you will be never disappointed.

The price of fresh lotus seeds is about 10 yuan per catty.  Sopin Lotus Seed Taobao shop has started to supply a lot, but the time for the listing of fresh lotus seeds is very short. maybe you should eat it more times at the season . If you miss it, you will have to wait another year.

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