lotus seeds and white fungus soup

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Lotus seeds and white fungus soup, is very popular in China, belonging to the congee soup recipes, main raw material is Tremella; process boiled, making simple;


  White fungus:  

 1, white fungus is an old woman of Confucianism and Taoism are adapted and eat good food, but not many people usually eat. It can clear lungs, replenish collagen protein, skin is elastic, bainen, regulating immunity, there are great benefits to the body. Tremella is a "poor man's bird's nest", regardless of color, taste, efficacy and similar to the bird's nest. Think of traditional Chinese medicine, of Tremella fuciformis Gan, flat, have a strong essence, tonifying kidney, runchang, nourishing stomach, Qi, and blood, strong heart, Yin, a moisturizing Zhuang body, brain, lung, Shengjin, pick-me-up, beauty, delicate effect of the skin, promote longevity.


2, For treatment of lung-heat cough, Lung dryness dry cough, constipation in women's menstruation, gastritis, nodal disease. It can increase detoxification ability of the liver, protecting liver function, it will not only enhance anti-tumor immune capacity, but also enhanced tolerance to radiotherapy and chemotherapy in cancer patients. It's also indulge in nourishing the good medicine, characterized by moist but not greasy lag, has a spleen and wheting the appetite, invigorating air qingchang, sleeping stomach, brain, work of nourishing yin and clearing heat and moistening dryness, Yin deficiency fire against Chinese medicine and dried on warm nourishing patients are a good tonic. Tremella glioma full of natural characteristics, plus it's nourishing, long-term use of skin care, effectiveness and eliminate Chloasma, freckled face. Tremella is and the kinds of dietary fiber-containing foods to lose weight, dietary fiber may help gastrointestinal peristalsis, reduce fat absorption.


  Warm Tip:  


1, material is immersed in order to let them soften, easy to Frazzle, immersed in general these things I have been a night;


2, no pressure cooker, although this is faster, but are slowly boil out of nutrition, so the electric pot for cooking rice.


  Food taboos:  

1, white fungus with crystal sugar sugar high, not fit for human consumption before bedtime to avoid increased blood viscosity. Tremella clearing lung heat, therefore, be affected by the cold cream. Food poisoning reaction occurs metamorphic Tremella fuciformis, can be fatal in severe cases.


2, be affected by the cold white fungus, bleeding disorders, diabetes patients used with caution.

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